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What is game-based learning?

What age groups do you teach in the course?

What is the student-to-teacher ratio in the game-based learning programs?

How long do the programs typically last?

Can my child participate in multiple programs simultaneously?

Are there any additional materials or equipment required for the programs, such as specific computer specifications or software?


How do I enroll my child in a game-based learning program?

Is there a refund policy if my child is unable to continue with the program?

Are there any additional costs beyond the program fees?

What are the minimum computer system requirements for participating in the programs?

Do students need their own personal computers or can they use school-provided devices?

Are there any specific internet connection requirements for participation?

What specific educational concepts are integrated into the game-based learning programs?

How does the school ensure a balance between gameplay and educational content?

How do the programs foster creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills through game-based learning?

Are there regular progress updates or parent-teacher meetings to discuss students' learning and development?

How does the school address any concerns related to online safety and responsible gaming habits?

How does the school facilitate communication between instructors, students, and parents?

Does the school have any partnerships with game development companies or industry professionals?

Are there any opportunities for students to engage with guest speakers or professionals from the gaming industry?

How does the school stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in game-based learning?

How does the school measure the impact and effectiveness of the programs on students learning outcomes?

Are there any long-term benefits or pathways for students interested in pursuing careers in game design or related fields?